Mar 13, 2011


Everyone knows what a déjà-vu is -- the word itself tells us it's something one have already seen, bizarrely exactly repeating in front of one's eyes.

That said, then... there I was, little less than 10 days ago, on the very same spot, walking back to Caelum and feeling exactly the same as I did after saying good bye to yet another dearest friend 8 months before or so.

That cannot have been a déjà-vu because the sight was pretty different - it had nothing to do with "voir". It was more like a terribly strong weirdly mixed feeling that I have experienced before on the very same street, going back to the very same place.

It was such an strange occurence that... well... I guessed other people would have experienced something alike it and then I've googled it as déjà-senti, just because it seemed appropriated. And it turns out that Charles Dickens have reported alike experiences and named those déjà vécu -- already lived.

This is nothing more than a perfectly useless information, and the fact that it does have a name makes no difference in my life. Yet, I feel that everytime I walk on by that block on that street I'll remember that weirdest feeling.

And I can't decide if that is good or bad.

Jan 16, 2011

Gray areas and lies

It is pretty clear to me that most of our lives and decisions stand on the so called "Gray area". I mean, things might be somewhat right and, yet, wrong.

Given that, how exactly do we trace the line between right and wrong?

Talking about that with a good friend yesterday and using the subject from the movie we had just watched... take cheating as an example. There is the obvious examples:

Not cheating:
- not even thinking of anyone else
- thinking but not doing anything (IMO)

- kissing someone else
- having sex with someone else

Now, then everything between the clearly cheating and not cheating is gray area: either not telling one will go out with someone else, or telling that but intending something different from a casual meeting, or even, just going somewhere one knows he/she will probably meet someone that is interested in him/her.

It is pretty clear to me that this sutil line between right and wrong is a very personal matter. And realizing that just made me wonder what is, then, lying.

That is: if a given situation is ok for one but is wrong for someone else... is it lying if one doesn't tell the other that particular bit of information? What if that one person didn't even feel that situation mattered? And what if that person didn't even know taht situation mattered to the other.

So... given the major gray area in which we live, except for the obviously black and white situations, what is lying after all?

May 29, 2010


- Il eût mieux valu revenir à la même heure, dit le renard. Si tu viens, par exemple, à quatre heures de l'après-midi, dès trois heures je commencerai d'être heureux. Plus l'heure avancera, plus je me sentirai heureux. A quatre heures, déjà, je m'agiterai et m'inquiéterai; je découvrirai le prix du bonheur! Mais si tu viens n'importe quand, je ne saurai jamais à quelle heure m'habiller le cœur... Il faut des rites.

- Qu'est-ce qu'un rite ? dit le petit prince.

- C'est aussi quelque chose de trop oublié, dit le renard. C'est ce qui fait qu'un jour est différent des autres jours, une heure, des autres heures. Il y a un rite, par exemple, chez mes chasseurs. Ils dansent le jeudi avec les filles du village. Alors le jeudi est jour merveilleux ! Je vais me promener jusqu'à la vigne. Si les chasseurs dansaient n'importe quand, les jours se ressembleraient tous, et je n'aurais point de vacances.

I've been trying to write for two hours now... and I've just decided there's no point in writing it because Saint-Exupéry did it first and most expressively.

I thought I missed having a routine, but I found out that what I miss the most is having a shared routine.

I mean... Even though I actually do a lot of things on my own, it just feels good to know that everyday other day at a given hour, I'll meet this and that friend (online is just fine) and talk about... whatever springs to mind.

Right now, I miss a particular one.

Jan 21, 2010

On people's transience...

There are some people that suddenly appear in our lives and make so much difference... truly and deeply changes you. And then they go away, as if nothing has happened.

And, actually, maybe nothing did happen to them.

Friend: Maybe that's their role in our lives.

Me: How about our in their lives? Isn't there any?

Friend: Maybe it's just not the same role.

Me: It's just that... I have the strong feeling that there were no bijection.

And I do have that feeling. But the funny thought out of it is that... despite all the old talking about reciprocity, I guess it's not a bad thing.

And the fact that I don't find it a bad thing is interesting. Very interesting.

There is a music that says: "dreamers come and go but the dream is forever".

I'm convinced people just need to come and go for a while, but this being normal and ok is a new thought. I'd summarize: acceptance.

In the end, I'm just glad these people contributed to who I became, thankful they were here at some point and hopeful we might meet again.

Good thoughts for a Wednesday night.

Dec 26, 2009

First post

I've finally set up my personal blog. Let's see how often I remember to write in it.

I'm quite hopeful since I intend to write about good places to go in São Paulo (Brasil) and personal opinions of all sorts... and that's easy to write. I guess.

For technical (geeky) stuff in Portuguese, you should look at, where I write for some time now, though less than I should.

Well, that's it. Just an introdutory post because, for some reason, I feel I need to write one.